Types of Solar Panel Used in Solar Lights

There are many solar panels types available in market, below are the widely used solar panels

  • Poly crystalline
  • Mono Crystalline
  • Poly Silicon or Amorphous Silicon
Poly Crystalline:

These Solar Panels are commonly used in India because of the price factor. Efficiency of the solar panels depends of how much power it can generate. Poly Crystalline may not work efficiently under extreme temperatures. However, for India weather conditions this could not make much difference.

These solar panels have life span of 25 years and widely used on roof top installation.

Mono Crystalline:

These Solar Panel are more efficient and expensive compared to Poly Crystalline. Under extreme temperature this panel can still perform better.

It has life span of 25 years and worldwide this solar panel is preferred. Compact All in One Integrated solar lights used Mono Crystalline because of it efficiency in power generation.

Poly Silicon or Amorphous Silicon

This is rarely used Solar Panel. Mainly used the smaller solar lights.

Author : Arunima

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