As people are getting aware of the solar lights and its positive effects on the environment, the application of solar lights have broadened in many ways.

Compared to conventional lights, solar powered lights are much more cost-effective and environmental friendly as they use sunlight for producing energy. So, it assures that the carbon footprints and other harmful gases will be reduced from the environment and prevent us from inhaling it.

Using solar lights in remote areas have successfully led to illuminate areas where grid power was impossible to reach due to cost.

Similarly there are many places where solar lights can play the lead role in illuminating an area. Some of the applications where solar lights can be used are:-

Corporate: Many corporate have welcomed the idea of using solar lights and reduce the use of grid lights. This is an alternative way to enhance the use of ‘green’ energy and save the environment from harmful gases.

Government & Municipalities: Many government institutions and municipalities have taken the initiative to install solar lights and reduce the ever rising utility costs. It’s cost effectiveness and durability has made solar lighting good option to replace grid electrical lights.

Street road & Highway: For streets and highways there are modern street lights available with high quality fixtures. These lights do not need maintenance and are dependant only on sunlight. They can improve night visibility and security with a greater CRI (color rendering index).

Parks, resorts & Recreation Center: Solar powered lights are a natural fit for public parks, resorts & recreational centers where the environment needs to be protected. One can use the simple and charming solar garden lights designed especially for these types of layouts.

Schools & University campus: Installing solar powered lights will be a motivation for the young minds to go green. There are wide options available for choosing from parking lot lighting, to sign lighting to bus shelter lighting. Many of these institutions have already installed solar lights as a process of cost saving and taking an initiative to be on the greener side.

Airports & Transportation: These are the areas which needs to be illuminated 24/7 all throughout the year as they are always used by travelers and employers. One can find a light for every application given the number of options available in the solar industry. It will also help in saving costs in utility.

Sign, Media & Outdoor advertising: Solar powered LED sign lighting and billboard lightings are perfect for illuminating sign, media and outdoor advertising. Whether it’s a small, medium or large size board you can get any fixtures available with easy installation and warranty.

Residential Societies: Residential societies are also showing interest in using solar lights inside the development. You can get lightings for walkways, tennis courts, mail boxes, entrances, signs, streets, general security and all other amenity purposes. This reduces the maintenance costs and provides a safe and secured environment inside the society.

Construction: Construction sites and outdoor working areas need to be illuminated brightly. These areas are risky as workers are involved in many hazardous works. For these type of areas high power LED floodlights should be used that can light up an area with or without motion sensors.

Retail & Commercial: These spaces needs to be kept illuminated most of the time so, using conventional grid lights will add on the electricity bill and costs you more. In this case solar lights can be a good alternative, installing which can free you from maintenance and heavy electricity bills.

Private residence: Home owners are the most common users of solar lights. As there are varieties available- street light, garden light, solar wall light, rechargeable emergency light and flood light, customers can choose one as per their requirement and enjoy the never ending benefits of solar energy.

Author : Arunima

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