How to install Solar Garden Lights

Solar lights add beauty to the garden at night. It also provides a sense of security and safety by illuminating the necessary spots. They come in wide varieties with unique styles and designs. Different types of lightings cast different patterns so, it is necessary to consult the manufacturer before purchasing a solar garden light and check if the particular light pattern will meet your needs.

Installing a solar powered garden light is much easier than a conventional electric light. If you have already purchased the lights and a new customer in the solar industry then follow the steps given below on how to install a solar garden light. To install these lights you don’t need the help of a professional but by taking some important measures you can help yourself in installing these lights.

Decide the area: Before putting the lights first you decide the area where you want to put the lights. Trim the shrubs and start the work with a manicured garden, lawn or pathway.

Spacing: Once you are done with the trimming part take a measuring tape or rope to start creating a layout. The layout line should be 7” from the walk away. You can take a chalk to make a mark to represent the lights.

Installing the lights: The final step is to install the lights. For that pull out the tag from the solar battery as it stops the solar battery from recharging by removing the solar light. Once done put the top of the light back together. Do this for all of the solar lights or else it will prevent the lights from working.
Now assemble the light by inserting the support pole into the head of the solar light. After that attach the stake to the bottom of the support pole and then insert the stake into the ground securely. Do not tap on the solar panel or push it too hard. Once all the lights are placed peel off the sticker on top of the lights to uncover the solar panels. Now, these panels are ready to get charged.

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